Sunday, December 10, 2006


International Human Rights Day observed with protest in London

London, 10 December 2006: Tibetan Youth UK today marked the International Human Rights Day by staging protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in London.

The protestors attracted the officials of the Chinese embassy, who were looking from the windows after hearing the loud voices of "Free Tibet - China Out"; "Human Rights - Shame on China" and so on. While acknowledging the spirit of Tibetans in Tibet, a cold windy and freezing weather couldn't discourage the zealous protestors, who steadfastly stood throughout the protest and also managed to get support from the passers-by.

The protestors highlighted the China's continued gross violations of human rights in Tibet in general and particularly the recent killings of Tibetan escapees at Nangpa La Pass by the Chinese border guards. We also urge the international community, particularly the offices of the United Nations and Human Rights Council to strongly pressure the government of People's Republic of China for the appalling human rights situation in Tibet and also demands the unconditional release of all the political prisoners of Tibet.

The protest concluded with the recitation of "Prayer for Truth" and shouting 'Bhod-Gyalo - victory for Tibet' by keeping strong determination and pledge to continue their freedom struggle.

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