Sunday, February 26, 2006


Happy Losar Fire Dog Year 2133

Monday, February 13, 2006


SFTUK & TYUK Leadership Conference 10-11 2006

Sunday, February 12, 2006



SFT/TYUK [February 12, 2006]

London – Approximately 50 students and young Tibetans met at the School of Oriental & Asian Studies (SOAS), University of London yesterday for an annual leadership training jointly organised by Students for a Free Tibet UK and Tibetan Youth UK that started on 10th February. Members of TYUK and SFT met at 9 am to begin a full day of trainings that included workshops on topics ranging from the theory and practice of non-violent direct action, media strategy, group management, fundraising, political lobbying, and action planning.

“The goal of the conference is to inspire and empower the participants while providing them with the skills necessary to work effectively and creatively for Tibetan independence,” said Conall Watson, Chairperson of SFT UK board.

The second day of leadership training began with an introduction to TYUK by Karma and Pema. TYUK represents the strength of youth to free Tibet from the occupation of China. It is supported with active participation by the Tibetan living in UK, especially young Tibetans to express their views, discuss the Tibetan issues and further its movement in UK.

Tendor of SFT headquarters, who came from New York for this leadership training spoke on overview structure of SFT, followed by the briefings on Olympics, Railway and Google as the latest.

Tsering Topgyal from London School of Economics spoke on “Chinese Security Practice and Tibet Policy” and . from Tibet Watch, a new organisation based in Dharamshala spoke on the current situation in Tibet.

The training also includes questions and answers session on each topics addressed by the resource persons and some practical activities where the participants have to act from news reporters to commentators on various political issues. One of the highlights of the leadership training was ‘how to work with MP’ by Riki Hyde Chambers, President of the Tibet Society, UK who works closely with MPs and lobbying the UK government on the issue of Tibet through All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet. He spoke on various issues in order to strengthen our cause while working with MP.

“It is very motivating to see many Tibetans and young supporters come together to inspire each other and learn from each other,” said Karma Chura-tsang of the newly founded organization TYUK. “I hope that for us Tibetans living in London, this will be the first of many political gatherings where we discuss the Tibetan problem and explore bold solutions.”

The first ever leadership training jointly organised by SFTUK and TYUK felt to be intensive, but provides the participants to learn more on the issue of Tibet practically to make themselves ready for any future course of action. By the end of day, participants were fully exhausted, but revitalized their energy by holding a get-together party at Nelson. Though all the participants were unknown from each other when they met, but departed well known with a promise to work together to FREE TIBET.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


First Ever Leadership Training in UK

London, February 10: The first ever Leadership Training jointly organised by the Students for a Free Tibet (SFTUK) and Tibetan Youth in UK (TYUK) started today with the registration of participants and screening of the most amazing, inspiring and controversial film ‘What Remains of Us’ at Kailash Centre in London. It was well attended by the Tibetans and members of the SFT, who came from different parts of the United Kingdom. After the screening of film, Mr. Tendor from the SFT headquarters eloquently answer the questions about the films and the Tibetan freedom movement, where discussion continues till midnight.
Thereafter, Mr. Karma from TYUK briefly gave an introduction that highlights the second day of leadership conference, which will be held at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), London on 11th February. This will includes a series of activities from effective campaigning, non-violent direct action training, the current situation in Tibet, media training, blogs & online actions, fundraising, how to run group and screening of ‘Destiny’s Children’ (documentary on the exile Tibetan Youth).

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