Friday, June 23, 2006


July 1st - Reject China's Railway to TIBET

Come and Join the protest against the launch of China's Railway to Tibet on Saturday July 1st. The Chinese government claims that this railway will benefit Tibetans and is a project that all Tibetan want. They tell the media and the world that the railway will bring progress and positive benefits to Tibetan. But we know the truth: China's railway to Tibet is not meant to benefit Tibetans and is only meant to consolidate Beijing's control over the region. Rise up and show your solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet by REJECTING THE RAILWAY. Help us show Beijing that while they may have completed the railway, the fight is not over and Tibetans will continue to resist China's illegal occupation of Tibet.

There are two ways you can show your solidarity.

1. Join the Tibetan Youth UK and SFTUK protest outside the Chinese Embassy in London which will form part of global demonstrations at Chinese embassies and consulates on this day.
49-51 Portland Place, London

2. show that July 1st is a black day for Tibet by wearing a black armband from now until July1st. Take of photo of you wearing your armband and email it to Check out the photos on

Although I kinda support this Railway line project, I am a pro Tibet and support His Holiness the Dalai Lama's philosophy and views. I thank you [and anyone] who contributes to this site. Free Tibet.
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